Is it advisable to run FDB server and application server(FDB client) on the same machine?

(Jugaadi) #1

Considering the fact that some query handling and security needs to be handled for each server.

(Ryan Worl) #2

Yes, this is a common deployment pattern for FDB, and is the recommended way to deploy the document layer currently.

(Jugaadi) #3

The document layer seems to couple the layer client with the application server in its sidecar model while the cluster is kept separate.
However, I would like to know whether the FDB database server process and the FDB client(another process) can be deployed on the same machine instead of maintaining it as a separate cluster?

(Ryan Worl) #4

Yep, I clearly misunderstood you there. Sorry!

That is also a reasonable deployment pattern, which was described by WaveFront for their system at the FDB Summit.

You can also use this to implement a primitive form of predicate pushdown in your layer, as a read from a storage process colocated on the same machine only requires local networking. Building a router to send requests to the right colocated layer process is left as an exercise for the reader :stuck_out_tongue: