Is it allowed to use external libraries in foundationdb development

(Vruyr Manukyan) #1

Hi Guys,

I’m working in Wavefront and currently working on issue

I’ve noticed that in foundatindb it is used only java standard library.
Now we want to contribute a new feature into foundationdb, but we have used google/guava in our sources.
Is it ok to use such libraries or we should only use standard java library?


(Alec Grieser) #2

Hm, well, I think we’d definitely prefer things stick to the standard libraries rather than importing external dependencies, though our ruby bindings, for example, depend on a few other things. So, if there were a super compelling reason to include a dependency (and a dependency manager?), then I could see it happening, but I think we’d prefer not to add additional dependencies.

Guava in particular is a little bit of a weird one. Given that so many things have a dependency on guava and not all versions are compatible, it is very easy to get into thorny dependency issues in upstream projects without something fancy like dependency shading or modules (everyone ready for Java 9?).