K8S Operator Backup Retention

Is there any guidance that can be provided on how to configure a retention period for backups? Our backups are growing and we need to place some controls over how long we retain the backup data for.

I see there are a number of outstanding github issues on the subject but I was wondering if those gaps have been filled or if there is an approach to take to fill that gap in the interim.

We usually keep 30 days retention period, with the configuration of a full, continuous backup in 10 days (stored at some blob store, e.g., S3). So this allows us to have 2 complete backups at any time. Backup data older than 30 days are removed with a daily run of fdbbackup expire command.

The operator doesn’t support this at the moment (Expiring old backup data · Issue #119 · FoundationDB/fdb-kubernetes-operator · GitHub). One possible way could be to implement a CronJob running the fdbbackup expire command without using the operator.