KEP-753 SidecarContainers and FDB Kubernetes Operator

Hi @johscheuer,

I was wondering if there was any issue/design document documenting the changes to FDB Kubernetes Operator to make use of SidecarContainers feature that just got merged?

Are there any plans to make use of this feature in FDB Kubernetes Operator? If so, would it be something that would be considered for 2.0 release?

We don’t have an issue to track any efforts here. Do you have anything specific in mind that would be useful in the context of the FDB operator? Based on the KEP I don’t see a huge benefit in adopting the new SidecarContainers right now and this would also require to wait until this feature is actually stable.

Right now I do not have anything specific in mind. Later this year, I plan on spending more time with FDB Kubernetes Operator. I’ll let you know if anything comes up then. Thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

I’ll open an issue later to make sure we keep track of the KEP and the implementation to see if anything useful emerges from there. Thanks for the question!