PSA: Run `make clean` when pulling

(Alex Miller) #1

In an effort to push a bit of the local build changes I have upstream, I pushed this commit to move actor compiled c++ files into .objs/, which hides them from greps over the source tree.

It’s been determined that having a build with pre-existing .g.cpp and .g.h files in the source confuses the makefile dependency logic into thinking that modified .actor.cpp files don’t need to be re-actor compiled, and thus source code modifications have no effect for reasons I haven’t been able to track down. If you’re in this bad state, you’ll be missing a .deps/.objs/ folder after doing a build. make clean will now remove all .g.cpp and .g.h files, and thus works around this problem.

tl;dr: Run make clean if you have a foundationdb checkout and you’re pulling something that is 31b4c89c or higher.