Snapshot creation failed, path not whitelisted

I am new to FoundationDB and one of the thing I would like to try out is to create a snapshot. By following the documentation, I edited the foundationdb.conf and added ‘whitelist_binpath =/bin/’ under [fdbserver] section in by foundationdb.conf file. I then do a systemctl stop and start of the foundationdb service and then in the fdbcli, I just try the snapshot create binary and snapshot /bin/ --destdir /tmp/backuptest. Both end up with the path not whitelisted error. I am using 6.2.28 and also 6.2.30 and both give me the same issue. Can anyone help me out and tell me what I have missed or misconfigured?

The proxy servers should be responsible for the whitelist check. From the proxy trace logs, can you post the trace lines of type “BinPath” or “Element”?

Hi, I did more testing. What I find is this:
Using the downloaded version of 6.2.29, I can create the snapshot with the 6.2.29 el6 but not a el7 version on the same host. My system is running rhel8 though for this test. I also tested the 6.2.29 deb version and that works as well. So, the only one that I have an issue is the 6.2.29 el7 version.