Telegraf plugin

I’ve put together a Telegraf plugin for FDB that has some understanding of the layout of status JSON. (I wasn’t at all satisfied with just shoveling the JSON through Telegraf’s standard JSON input.)

It is currently sitting at

Questions and suggestions welcome!

It produces the following measurements:

  • fdb_cluster
  • fdb_layer_*
    • Hopefully it’ll work with any layer that appears in the status.
  • fdb_machine
  • fdb_process
  • fdb_role

There are tags on everything for the cluster ID, to support multiple clusters. Measurements are tagged with machine, process and role where feasible. (It could probably be made a bit more clever.)

It produces enough data every time it runs that it seems to upset the Influx plugin and prevent the process from sending any measurements; turning down the metric_batch value in Telegraf seems to fix that.