Unable to run more than one commit proxy in a small cluster

Hi. I am facing poor write performance due to insufficient number of commit proxy processes.

According to Configuration — FoundationDB 7.2, “the default value for commit proxies and log servers is 3”. However I can see only one process having the role “Commit Proxy”:

When I try to increase the number of commit proxies configure commit_proxies=2, fdbcli status command returns Desired Commit Proxies =2 but the actual number of commit proxy processes remains 1.

I am running FoundationDB 7.1.33
In my configuration there are three stateless processes, three transaction processes and many storage processes (6-18).

The only way to increase the number of commit proxies seems to be setting more than six stateless processes, then more than 1 commit proxy processes are started.

Is this a bug or a normal behaviour?


Because nobody has answered my question, I consider the current fdb behavior as a bug and I submit a PR that fixes it.