Webpage for foundationdb.org seems to be down

Thanks for reporting this. This is a known issue: Website foundationdb.org is down (and there are some GitHub issues). @ammolitor is currently working on solving that.

Thanks for the response!

The GitHub issues have been closed to non-collaborators, and it seems the website has been down for 3 weeks now. I’m having a hard time pointing people to FoundationDB given this situation.

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This link should still work: FoundationDB 7.2 — FoundationDB 7.2

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The website is back up. GitHub fixes should be coming soon.


Hmm. It doesn’t seem to be working for me.

https://foundationdb.org is broken whereas https://www.foundationdb.org works.

It looks like the naked domain redirect is not configured correctly.

@ammolitor https://foundationdb.org is still not functional.

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the www. is required at this time.

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Also update the website in the repo info on GitHub to include the www..

Do you guys need help hosting the site?

PR is important, and people saying “FoundationDB is dead” because the site seems to be down for months are worrying me.