What should be the default value of a missing metadataVersion key in an new database?

When a new cluster is created, it is possible that the \xFF/metadataVersion system key is not yet present.

I’m adding a bunch of API to return the value of that field as a versionstamp, and was wondering what should be the default value if the key is not present?

Previously, I was returning the bytes as-is, so the value was “null”. I’m considering returning the empty versionstamp (10 zero-bytes) instead. Is this a good default value?

Bonus question: is it ok to expect the value of the metadata version key to always to a valid versionstamp (10 and only 10 bytes) or can it be something else?

You couldn’t really write anything else by accident: this is guarded in the client. See https://github.com/apple/foundationdb/blob/d94a1dfef251cc0fd4bf94c4bb80416796d48e6a/fdbclient/ReadYourWrites.actor.cpp#L1530 and https://github.com/apple/foundationdb/blob/d94a1dfef251cc0fd4bf94c4bb80416796d48e6a/fdbclient/ReadYourWrites.actor.cpp#L1604. Maybe if someone were using an old client library without that check and enabled the access system keys option in their transaction for some reason?

I think 10 zero-bytes is a fine default for the intended use, since it’s different from any possible version stamp set in the normal way.

Yes but the code does not seem to check the offset of the versionstamp? Could I write a 100-byte value with a versionstamp at offset 42 with a SetVersionstampedValue and still succeed the check?

I’m unsure if I can safely change the signature of accessing the metadataVersion in my binding to return a VersionStamp, instead of returning a byte buffer and only rely on binary ordering to compare it to the previously cached value.

By the way, if SetVersionstampedValue with offset non-zero is allowed for this key, won’t this break cache layers which rely on ordering, since the leading bytes could be whatever ?

SetVersionstampedValue with a non-zero offset is not allowed for this key. Only this exact value is allowed: https://github.com/apple/foundationdb/blob/dbfa3dc217f09757ba996d20bdbe1c215d8fc45f/fdbclient/SystemData.cpp#L683, and that value specifies offset zero.

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I now see the check for the operand value in https://github.com/apple/foundationdb/blob/07331ab5fd0687ef790d291c30034e7ef675cbcd/fdbclient/ReadYourWrites.actor.cpp#L1531

This means I have to change some things in my binding because the spot occupied by a versionstamp could be any bytes, while here I have to force it to all-zeroes :slight_smile:

So the good news is that I can safely change the API to expose the metadata version as a parsed versionstamp (with value “0” if missing), instead of a byte buffer.