Where I can get the latest release version of FDB with redwood engine?


what is latest release version of FDB with redwood engine and where I can get the it?
Is the page fillfactor supporting enabled in the latest release version of redwood?


Redwood is in FDB 6.3, which should be officially released very soon. It is still marked as experimental. The biggest downside to this is that future updates might not be backward-compatible so it is not recommended for production use yet. Aside from that, it passes correctness testing and performs better than the default engine for most workloads.

There is a page fill factor knob used for all pages at this time. In the future there may be different fill factors for internal vs leaf pages. For now, the default is 0.66 and you can change the setting with
--knob_redwood_page_rebuild_fill_factor <N>

If I recall correctly you were also interested in different page sizes, which you can change with
--knob_redwood_default_page_size <N>
It defaults to 4096, and note that the page size knob is only used when creating new Redwood storage engines so you have to set this knob before configuring the cluster for it to have an effect. Existing files are always opened using their original page size.

I would appreciate feedback on it if you do any testing of your own. Also, you’ll probably need to increase the memory limit with -m 12000 to avoid OutOfMemory errors for now.

Thanks got it,
I would share some feedback of it once my test achieve reasonable results.