About fdbbackup restorable

I found the restorable of following 2 commands is inconsistent:

  1. [root@fdbliyyue1 kvranges]# fdbbackup status -t testbak
    The backup on tag `testbak’ is restorable but continuing to file:///data/fdbbak/backup-2022-04-05-06-21-15.479382.
    BackupUID: f89545fd8bab5f0cc3d8e8f24bbc9363
    BackupURL: file:///data/fdbbak/backup-2022-04-05-06-21-15.479382
    Snapshot interval is 120 seconds. Current snapshot progress target is 15.73% (>100% means the snapshot is supposed to be done)

LogBytes written - 562512460
RangeBytes written - 6803153444
Last complete log version and timestamp - 7183682457697, 2022/04/06.05:23:39-0400
Last complete snapshot version and timestamp - 7183692391184, 2022/04/06.05:23:49-0400
Current Snapshot start version and timestamp - 7183692476329, 2022/04/06.05:23:49-0400
Expected snapshot end version and timestamp - 7183812476329, 2022/04/06.05:25:49-0400
Backup supposed to stop at next snapshot completion - No

  1. [root@fdbliyyue1 kvranges]# fdbbackup describe -d file:///data/fdbbak
    URL: file:///data/fdbbak
    Restorable: false
    SnapshotBytes: 0
    ExpiredEndVersion: 7180699523032
    UnreliableEndVersion: 7180699523032

I wonder if the backup is restorable, why the 2 commands output is inconsistent? Thanks!

You should specify a path to a certain backup, not to the backup directory.

fdbbackup describe -d file:///data/fdbbak/backup-2022-04-05-06-21-15.479382

@osamarin Thanks for your suggestion! It does work now.