Announcement - FoundationDB Client API for Tokio

I am really happy to announce, I’ve released FoundationDB Client API for Tokio. The blog post for the announcement is here.

The docs section contains Tokio/Rust specific documentation and also the canonical Class Scheduling Tutorial.

I would like to thank everybody from the FoundationDB community for helping to make this crate happen.


Amazing work! Congratulations on the announcement of the library! That class scheduling section was impressive and highly detailed!

Are there any plans to introduce the directory layer into the library?

Thanks! Most of the content for class scheduling tutorial is borrowed from other languages (specifically the Java tutorial) and adapted for Tokio/Rust.

I specifically enjoyed writing the section on leverage Rust type system as it highlights the power of the Rust type system and also some of the design decisions that went into the API.

Together, I think they give us a nice abstraction to write more correct layer code, hopefully in a functional programming style.

At this time, there are no plans for introducing the directory layer. With redwood storage engine and the introduction of Multi-tentant API, I am not really sure about the need for a directory layer moving forward.

@PierreZ has implemented directory layer in his Rust bindings. Unlike my bindings which is Tokio ecosystem specific, his implementation is runtime agnostic. That’s also something you can consider.

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Congratulations @rajivr for your Rust/Tokio bindings :tada: You have done a wonderful job :clap:

Yes indeed, the directory is currently implemented in the next version (0.6.0), which was supposed to be released yesterday but the bindingTester found an faulty seed :rofl:

Once the seed is fixed, I will release the crate.

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