Announcement: foundationdb-rs 0.6.0 is released πŸ¦€

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I’m very happy to announce that we just released a new version of the Rust-Bindings :crab: for FoundationDB :tada:

After more than a year since the last version, we brings new features, cleanups and bug-fixes. This release is also celebrating the new Github org that has been set-up to ensure the sustainability of the project :handshake:

Features :zap:

  • Add and defaults to foundationdb 6.3.x API version.
  • Adding support for the Directory

Other improvements :dart:

  • Migrated from Clikengo’s repo to a dedicated org (more info can be found here)
  • Bump dependencies
  • Bump MSRV(Minimum supported rust version) to Rust 2021 (1.56.0)
  • Introduce Platform tier
  • Improved CI and correctness tests

A notes about correctness :white_check_mark:

The BindingTester has been integrated in:

  • pull-requests
  • scheduled correctness tests on Github Actions.

Every hour, we are testing ~1k seeds using Github Actions’s infrastructure.

At the time of writing, 2,797 scheduled tests have been run to prepare this release, which represents more than 2 millions seeds tested.

What is next :rocket:

My current company is investing in FoundationDB and we will develop different layers in Rust.

As such, we are currently planning to move the crate towards a 1.0.0 version, which will represent a state where advanced layers written in Rust can be built on top of FoundationDB.

To do so, we are planning to add features to the bindings, but also contribute back some librairies/crates/talks/tooling/md-book :smile: