Announcing a FoundationDB Kubernetes Operator

The FoundationDB SRE team at Apple has been working this year to develop an operator for running FoundationDB on Kubernetes, and I’m happy to say that we’re now open sourcing that operator. I think this will provide a really smooth way for people to get FoundationDB up and running, while providing the strong guarantees of safety that people expect from FoundationDB. This project is still in its early phases, but we plan on making it production-ready over the next year. I’m really excited to see the contributions and feedback from the community in this area. I’ll admit that our team doesn’t have as deep of experience with Kubernetes as other folks in the community have, and I believe that by bringing everyone’s experience to bear we can create a much stronger operational story for everyone.

I’d love for you all to check out the operator on GitHub:


Hi @john_brownlee
Thanks for the update, we are planning to do somethings around foundationDB on Kubernetes, just wanted to make sure that this is going to be the way to install foundationDB on Kubernetes clsuter.
If I just install the operator and make one cluster by creating a CR FoundationDBCluster by the default i get a cluster of 7 nodes. How can I configure this number, I didnt see anything related to the node size in the CRD definition as well.

Yes, this is going to be our official recommendation for how to run FDB on Kubernetes, and it will be the way we run it on Kubernetes within Apple. I know other folks have been working on their own tooling in this area, and even their own operators. I’m hoping we will be able to align those efforts and merge them into a single project that is flexible enough to address everyone’s requirements.