Any updates to service types in the kubernetes operator?

According to this issue: Customizing service config for per-pod services · Issue #391 · FoundationDB/fdb-kubernetes-operator · GitHub there has been a request in the queue to expand the types of ways that the openshift operator can run.

Along the same lines of this issue: How to connect to foundationdb which is setup on an openshift cluster from outside of the cluster, I have a customer would like to be able to get to FDB from outside of Kubernetes.

Is there a solution in the works that I can watch the progress of? Or an expected release time frame?

Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

Currently we haven’t planned to work on this in the near future, if someone wants to work on this. I’m happy to review PRs (and we can make sure that whoever wants to work on this can create a PR).

Is the use case to access the FDB cluster only for development?

Thank you for the update.

The intention would be able to use it in a production environment. Reaching out to FDB in a SAAS way from outside a kubernetes cluster, but within a private network.