Apache Spark integeration

Hi … I’ve been searching around to see what’s the best way to have FDB integrated with Apache Spark as a Dataframe layer. There is only one project out there attempting to do that which is pretty preliminary and outdated: https://github.com/Baoqi/spark-fdb-connector

Is there any other project that is trying to achieve such a goal? Is Record layer or Document Layer a good place to start or is there a more general solution?



FDB KV does not have the connector to Spark yet, although it will be great to see it happening.

Are you currently running FDB (KV, record layer or doc layer)?

I’m comparing couple of options to decide on our data layer. Spark is widely used among us and is compatibility with it is important. Record and Document layer benchmarks don’t look that better and there is no official or 3rd party benchmark for their performance. Although I really like the guarantees that FDB provides, the ecosystem is very weak and makes it very hard to adopt.