ARM64 (aarch64) binaries available for the 7.3.46+ releases

Hey all, quick announcement regarding ARM support for FoundationDB. We are now building arm64 binaries for our releases, and including an arm64 build in the pull request process.

The current arm64 support is being treated like the macOS support (at this time), in that it is compile and unit tested only. It is not fully tested in the same way as the Linux x86_64 builds are.

At this time, we are only publishing the binaries on the GitHub releases, and have included the aarch64 in the java bindings published to Maven Central. Adding packages (RPM, DEB, and arm native docker images is on the list, but not considered high priority).

The binaries are built in a container (defined here).

The primary goal is to allow development in docker on arm based local machines (Apple Silicon Laptops for example).