Maven artifacts wrong path for native library

I’m using this dependency on my project:


When I run my app i get this error:

Embedded library jar:/lib/osx/aarch64/libfdb_java.jnilib not found

On the jar you can find this:


If I build the jar from the source code on the git repo, it works fine, the jar contains the correct library on the correct place.

Do you have a specific need for 7.2? If not, I would recommend 7.1.26 / 7.1.27, which has the ARM binary in the place that the code expects it.

Thanks Mike,I will try.

So, Is this a 7.2 problem? Is going to be solver in future releases ?

Is there any version (or plan) with the Linux ARM library ? 7.1.27 only have linux/amd64


Yes. 7.2.2 was actually built before 7.1.26. But we think it’s straightened out now.

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Thanks @MMcM.

Anything related to Linux ARM (aarch64) ?

I do not know of anything related to Linux ARM. Sorry.

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