Backing up the database using `fdbbackup` command returns in an error

I have a foundationDB cluster up and running with redundancy_mode as double and I inserted some key value pair in the database using fdbcli utility.
When I try to take backup of the database using command fdbbackup start -d file:///data/fdbbackup below is the error that I get message I get

The backup on tag `default' was successfully submitted but no backup agents are responding.

We can see here that it says backup_agent is not responding. Now to make sure the backup_agent is running I thought there should be some flag, but I dont think we have a flag for backup_agent using which we can either start or check the status of the backup_agent.

Now if I check the status of the backup using the command fdbbackup status -t <tag-name> I get below output

The backup on tag `default' is in progress (just started) to file:///data/fdbbackup/backup-2019-12-16-10-42-54.409539.
BackupUID: f1f14adaa5d9770e23a6039e8bc64ccf
BackupURL: file:///data/fdbbackup/backup-2019-12-16-10-42-54.409539

It it says that the backup is in progress forever.
What can be done to resolve this?

Please see Regarding issue faced while running fdbbackup for the resolution of this issue.