Regarding issue faced while running fdbbackup

When I run fdbbackup (generated binary using GitHub source code), I am facing this issue “The backup on tag `default’ was successfully submitted but no backup agents are responding”. How to resolve this issue…?

Running fdbbackup starts the backup job, but it’s the agents that are responsible for actually doing the work. You’ll need to have at least one running for backup to actually make any progress. Depending on the size of your cluster and how quickly you want backup to go, you may want to run more than that.

If you are using fdbmonitor to run your processes, these can be started by configuring them in foundationdb.conf, like so:

command = /usr/lib/foundationdb/backup_agent/backup_agent
logdir = /var/log/foundationdb


If you are running your processes through some other mechanism, then you just need to start the agent processes with the cluster file for your cluster. See for more details.