Backup FoundationDB

New to FDB. I was reading on backup FDB but not clear on few things.

My understanding is I will need to run “fdbbackup start” with minimum “-C -d -w” options and will need cron or some method to run the backup every day (depend on RPO) . If I use the backup taken using this method to restore , it will restore to the end of the backup time using inconsistent storage and log file on the backup. Am i correct ? If yes , this also mean i cant use backup to restore to point-in-time restore ? Does FDB has point in time restore or DR is the only solution. if yes can someone share both backup and restore command to use ?

Second not clear when we will use option “-z” option. Do we use this option to run backup continuously lets say for 7 days and use it for point-in-time recovery anytime if we needed (Can we use such backup before it finish ) and start the next backup job after the first one end ?