Benchmarking on Optane

(Ryan Worl) #1

I saw this link on a HN post about using Optane with memcached today. is a bare-metal cloud provider that I have tested things on in the past with great success.

They are doing some co-promotion thing with Intel and giving away time on machines with Optane SSDs installed for open source projects. The class of machine they are installed on most likely also have 10GbE or faster, so I think it would be a good benchmarking environment.

If someone is interested in benchmarking FoundationDB with Optane, this would be a great opportunity to do it without actually having to buy the extremely expensive devices! :smiley:

(Andrew) #2

Hey, Ryan. Just stumbled across your post, and I’m guessing you saw one of my posts in HN about the lab. I’m Andrew from the Intel team working with Packet. We’d love to have some folks from the FoundationDB community do some benchmarking with our servers at Packet. If interested, post a new issue on our GitHub page (there’s a quick template to follow) here:, and I or a friend at Packet will follow up.

As for the servers, we have 2x10GbE so you should be good to go there, and we have enough DRAM to test with FoundationDB’s Memory Engine as well as different types of storage (NVMe NAND SSD and Intel Optane SSD) to test with the SSD Engine.

Thanks for flagging this, and if anyone has any Qs, feel free to ask.