Building A New Foundation For CouchDB - Data Engineering Podcast

Hi everyone, wanted to post a podcast that @kocolosk recently went on about FoundationDB and Apache CouchDB. Hope everyone enjoys and if you have any questions feel free to drop them in the post!

Summary: CouchDB is a distributed document database built for scale and ease of operation. With a built-in synchronization protocol and a HTTP interface it has become popular as a backend for web and mobile applications. Created 15 years ago, it has accrued some technical debt which is being addressed with a refactored architecture based on FoundationDB. In this episode Adam Kocoloski shares the history of the project, how it works under the hood, and how the new design will improve the project for our new era of computation. This was an interesting conversation about the challenges of maintaining a large and mission critical project and the work being done to evolve it.

Listen here ->