Update: CouchDB 4.0 on FoundationDB

Hi FoundationDB Community,

As some of you know, the CouchDB community recently voted to adopt FoundationDB in CouchDB 4.0. (1) The community has been hard at work developing the architecture, comparability, and feature set of this major version of CouchDB, so I wanted to share some areas we are working on in case anyone wants to get involved or is merely just curious to learn more….

RFCs and architecture proposals - https://github.com/apache/couchdb-documentation/tree/master/rfcs

CouchDB Layer for FoundationDB - this code covers the stateless layer of CouchDB that will interact with FoundationDB including, but not limited to, CRUD functionality, map indices (not Mango ones yet) and materialized views

Lucene Layer for FoundationDB - CouchDB has full-text search capabilities as a third party extension. The IBM Cloudant managed service developed and operates this add-on for our DBaaS. This layer would replace that capability in CouchDB 4.0 and the Cloudant managed service https://github.com/cloudant-labs/fdblucene, https://github.com/cloudant-labs/search3-java, https://github.com/cloudant-labs/search3-erl

FoundationDB Client (Erlang) - Erlang bindings! Yay! https://github.com/cloudant-labs/couchdb-erlfdb

Interested in getting involved or have any questions? Join the conversation in the following locations:
Slack (#fdb) - couchdb.slack.com
IRC - couchdb-dev
Dev mailing list (official communication medium) - https://lists.apache.org/list.html?dev@couchdb.apache.org

Upcoming Talks:
Jan Lehnardt will be giving a talk on this work at Velocity Berlin (2)
Adam Kocoloski will talking about adopting a new foundation for CouchDB at FDB Summit (3)
Garren Smith will be talking about his work building Secondary Indexes on top of FoundationDB with CouchDB @ FDB Summit (4)

(1) https://lists.apache.org/list.html?dev@couchdb.apache.org:lte=1M:foundationdb
(2) https://conferences.oreilly.com/velocity/vl-eu/public/schedule/detail/77131
(3) https://sched.co/UdZr
(4) https://sched.co/Udd0


Do we need to go through some special process to sign into the slack channel?



You can get an invite via Apache CouchDB


I saw a few weeks ago that efforts are redirected towards CouchDB 3.x, I’m wondering if the basecode is still accessible? The link provided above is not working anymore:

@PierreZ I am not part of couchdb team, but some FDB related changes have been merge to main as visible from these merges

Just guessing here - may be that branch was deleted after a PR merge

Yes, that’s right, main still represents the latest in terms of the FDB development work there.