Certificates issue on official site

Currently wget and docker can’t download packages from official site:

wget https://foundationdb-origin.apple.com/downloads/6.2.20/ubuntu/installers/foundationdb-clients_6.2.20-1_amd64.deb
--2021-04-27 11:01:20--  https://foundationdb-origin.apple.com/downloads/6.2.20/ubuntu/installers/foundationdb-clients_6.2.20-1_amd64.deb
Resolving foundationdb-origin.apple.com (foundationdb-origin.apple.com)...
Connecting to foundationdb-origin.apple.com (foundationdb-origin.apple.com)||:443... connected.
ERROR: cannot verify foundationdb-origin.apple.com's certificate, issued by ‘C=US,O=Apple Inc.,OU=Certification Authority,CN=Apple IST CA 2 - G1’:
  Self-signed certificate encountered.
To connect to foundationdb-origin.apple.com insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'.

The same certificate (Apple IST CA 2 - G1) is accepted on my machine by Firefox and WSL2 running an Ubuntu host. Maybe this CA is not present in the default trusted CA roots of your specific linux host ?

Kind of, I have old ubuntu 18.04 machines and everything works fine there, but just a new fresh one throws an error on the host and in the docker. I tested on two clean installs and this certificate seems to be “kind of” revoked.

Can you try downloading the packages from foundationdb.org rather than foundationdb-origin.apple.com?

I’ve resolved a similar problem. Installing ca-certificates may resolve the error.

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Works for me! Thanks!!

Well, actually no. And using foundationdb.org for downloading not working either. Ubutnu 18.04.