Commercial support

hi guys,

is there an option for FoundationDB commercial support?

I don’t believe there are any commercial support options.

Wavefront does provide a monitoring solution, and … there was a thread somewhere on this forum where someone had emailed a few of the companies that run various databases as a service and suggested they look into offering FoundationDB, but I’m failing to find the thread.

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Wavefront guy here, just ping us on and we can you started.

We just also open sourced the fdb tailer today (as announced during the summit) that converts trace logs to metrics.

Hi Clement, I checked the source: it appears that the metrics being created via parsing logs have a lot of overlap with those reported via status json output.

Could you provide some guidance (examples) where logs provide additional data points? Role changes and counts per severity of logs are few things I could identify…

Mainly it’s a full integration so you get the dashboards and such (we also have another thing in flight to emit metrics from fdbcli). There are way more metrics about rate keeper, resolution key range moves, slow tasks, network throughput, disk throughput, shard movements, recovery, rollbacks, etc. in trace logs (not everything is collected yet in the open source version but it’s a start).

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Thanks for the details. This looks very promising!