Seeking Volunteers to help test FoundationDB Monitoring in Wavefront

Not sure if I should put a [VENDOR] tag for something like this but we are looking to see if there would be volunteers who would want to help us test the FoundationDB integration in Wavefront. It requires installing Telegraf on the db nodes and a Java-based (yeah, I know) log scraper that understands trace logs and ships metrics to us (encrypted over the Internet or you can deploy gateways in your DMZ if your DB nodes don’t have internet access).

Wavefront is a SaaS-based metrics platform that is used at massive scale by DevOps/Ops (and beyond) teams at some well-known companies (including Box, Algolia, Doordash, Mixpanel, Lyft, Workday, Okta, Intuit, Marketo, Groupon). Since we (Wavefront) runs very large FoundationDB clusters (and many of them), we have had a lot of experience tuning alerts and crafting useful dashboards:

As part of the volunteering effort, you will have to start a trial via but it’s completely free (it’s always free to start a trial for that matter).