Config names in foudationdb.conf: use underscore or dash?

I copied the cache memory config name from Configuration — FoundationDB 7.1

It’s listed as
cache-memory = 2GiB

It has a dash in the name. But fdb complained about the name, and didn’t start.
It should be cache_memory (with underscore, not dash).

The official doc uses the dash for all config names, as of today, 2022-08-17, like the folllowing:

# cache-memory = 2GiB
# locality-machineid =
# locality-zoneid =
# locality-data-hall =

The doc is for v7.1. We are using v6.2. Have the names changed?

If not, can the official doc be changed to use underscore, vs. dash, in config names to consistent with what’s actually used?


The names have changed (I think as of 7.1), and hyphens are now the documented separator used for arguments to FDB processes. Underscores are still legal, though, for compatibility reasons.

Prior to this change FDB arguments were not consistent, and different arguments used one or the other (though underscore was more common).

That clears things up. Thanks, AJ.