Connecting to FDB DB outside of EKS cluster

We configured our Ingress, FDBClient and FDBOperator and we verified database is running on EKS cluster. We can also connect to database when we are in EKS cluster. But, we want to connect to fdb outside of eks using DNS entry. Can we know what we need to do ?

Our clusterconfig : test_cluster:2bid67KFdKNaIHuMpA2a4iRODzYD7Ohe@test-cluster-log-1.test-cluster.platform-fdb.svc.cluster.local:4501,test-cluster-log-2.test-cluster.platform-fdb.svc.cluster.local:4501,test-cluster-log-3.test-cluster.platform-fdb.svc.cluster.local:4501

Also, any distinct url we can use?

I assume that you are using the fdb-kubernetes-operator.

I fetch the cluster file from the configmap created by the operator via kubernetes api and dump it into a file for my external (to the EKS cluster) applications to use. Something like this (assuming that your fdb cluster is named my-fdb-cluster):

kubectl get configmaps my-fdb-cluster -o json | jq -r '.data."cluster-file"' > /etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster

I have not tried to create any type of kubernetes service, or load balancer. This will require your client(s) to be on the same network as your EKS Cluster.

What @ammolitor has proposed will not work in your case as the DNS names in the connection string will only be resolvable inside the EKS cluster. If you want to use DNS you would need to have a way to configure proper DNS records that are available outside of the EKS cluster and you have to make sure that the actual IPs of the Pods can be reached from outside of the EKS where you want to connect.

Hi @ammolitor the command which you trying is similar to what I try to extract the cluster url.

kubectl get cm test-cluster-config -o jsonpath=‘{.data.cluster-file}’ -n testnamespace

I tested with this and didn’t help connecting to cluster outside the eks. It looks I need to build apps within eks to connect to fdb cluster. Thanks for looking into this.

Thanks for the info @johscheuer
You can close my request.