How to use RoutingConfig with FDB operator

In the operator spec, I see there is a RoutingConfig section. I am just wondering how that work.
I don’t see much documentation/example on it, could someone share info on how that suppose to work?

RoutingConfig has options for a few different things that affect the routing and connectivity to the FDB processes, so the examples would depend on what problem you’re trying to solve. It has options for creating per-pod services to provide public IPs, which we have a brief discussion of in the user manual. It also has an option for selecting an IP with a specific IP family, which could use more documentation, and for configuring headless services, which is going to be expanded in the future as part of the work on supporting DNS names for coordinators.

I am interested in the service mode: spec.routing.publicIPSource=service
From the doc, it says the service will be created for me. The service will create both an internal and external ip and the pod will take up the internal IP in the service created, is that assumption correct?
And when a client try to connect to the cluster, the cluster will return the externalIP to the client for the controller or storage pod, would that be the case?

One more question, the podIPFamily in the RoutingConfig section, that’s not implemented yet, right?

The service will be created with the ClusterIP type, and the cluster IP assigned to the service will be annotated on the pod as the public IP. I believe that with this service type it won’t get an external IP at all. The fdbserver process will bind to the pod’s normal IP and listen on that address, but will advertise itself as using the service’s cluster IP.

We currently don’t apply the IP family field to the service.

We have some open issues that may be interesting for your use case.