Constrained RAM in an application development environment

(John Weir) #1

Will FoundationDB run with less than 4 GB of ram? Not in production, but in development of our application.

Our developers have a single VM running the entire stack, on machines (MacBooks) with 16 GB of RAM(max). I’m probably not going to be able allocate another 4GB of RAM on these machines.

Lets say we evaluate FoundationDB and find it will be an amazing addition to our stack. But we can only allocate another 2 GB.

Can a FoundationDB server operate with that little memory,? Our development environments are not very intense, so performance is not much of an issue.


(David Scherer) #2

If you put hardly any data in it, it probably won’t use a ton of memory. Otherwise you will probably run out as it allocates memory for page caching, MVCC, etc - it doesn’t adapt to the actual amount of RAM available.

I think you could configure fdbserver via knobs to run reliably in ~2GB of RAM, obviously with somewhat reduced performance. Something like


might be a good start. (Obligatory warning: changing knobs in production systems is dangerous! This advice is for development use only.)

(Rinat Abdullin) #3

I’ve seen FoundationDB survive quite well on a QA server which was overpopulated with running instances and continuously running out of free RAM.