Current status of gRPC bindings?


I am just getting started with FDB, and reading through the documentation and watching the summit videos. Thanks for putting all these great resources together.

I was wondering what is the current status of the gRPC bindings?

I tried to look for .proto files in release-7.0 branch but couldn’t find any.

Is the development of these bindings happening in some different tree?


Hi :wave:

I’m not aware of any efforts regarding the gRPC bindings, you can follow this issue for tracking.

Thanks @PierreZ for the reply. I suspected so, but wanted to double check with the community.

I am also starting to follow your work on Rust foundationdb bindings. Thanks for working on it and bringing in the directory layer support.

Rust bindings will be of primary interest to us. I was hoping to reach out to you once I understood various aspects of FDB.


Wow, thanks a lot for the kind words :star_struck: I must admit I’m stuck on fixing the latest seeds for the bindingTester, but I hope I will be able to finish this PR :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to reach out :handshake: To be fair, I have been working on a FDB 101 talk that may help you getting started. The presentation is not done yet, and I was searching for an online meetup, but I could just record it on my youtube channel :stuck_out_tongue:

That would really awesome! Thanks a lot! Could you also please consider doing it in English? [1] Je ne parle pas francais. :smiley:

[1] : Mercredi OpenSource 07/04/2021: FoundationDB-rs et le Directory - YouTube

Haha, that was some live coding fighting against the bindingTester :stuck_out_tongue: Yes the plan is to record the talk in english, and maybe another one about the Record-Layer, with an upgraded version of these slides. I will keep you posted :smiley: