FDB 6.3 performant restore

I am aware that 6.3 will include faster back and restore. Any idea of the expected performance improvement ?

This document states the new restore is expected to be 2x faster, but i think 2x is still way slower. if 1TB restore takes about 24 hours then new restore will take 12 hours. This is still very slow.

Any benchmarks will be very useful.

We are still evaluating the performance, scalability, visibility and reliability of the new fast restore system and will release the result when the new fast restore system is production ready. :slight_smile:

The new restore system will be in experimental feature (not production-ready) in 6.3.

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Waiting for it. Thanks


I have some ideas how to make fdb restore faster. Where may I discuss them?

These forums are for discussion of anything related to FDB.

If you have ideas for improving the new restore system, this thread or the design thread would be good places to comment.

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