Fast Restore tool for performant restore

Hi All,

I am using v7.1.5 of foundationDB and creating backups using —partitioned-log-experimental option with fdbbackup command. In order to restore these backups, fast restore option is required. When I tried to restore this backup using default fdbrestore command I got errors :

I find mention of fastrestore_tool in some discussion threads such as fastrestore_tool option -C is not working · Issue #3555 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub and
FDB 6.3 performant restore - #8 by osamarin .

Any pointer on how to get hold of this tool, documentation and how to fast restore backups created with "—partitioned-log-experimental* option?

Thanks in advance.

@mengxu is probably the best person to answer this.

@mengxu any pointer on how and where to get hold of fast restore tool?

AFAIK, The fast restore tool is a special role of fdbserver. To invoke it, you can run something like fdbserver -r restore ....