FDB Cluster pods does not work on ARM based kubernetes nodes


I am currently using EKS k8s cluster and deploying fdb cluster via fdb-operator, all my nodes on the k8s cluster are arm64 nodes and when I am deploying the fdb cluster or even fdb-operator it is failing with this error -

kubectl logs -f astradot-fdb-log-7 -c foundationdb-kubernetes-init
exec /usr/bin/tini: exec format error
kubectl logs -f foundationdb-fdb-operator-7c75d96f5f-5v6jl -c foundationdb-kubernetes-init-6-2
exec /entrypoint.bash: exec format error

I’ve checked that the tini binary supports arm - GitHub - krallin/tini: A tiny but valid `init` for containers, but I don’t see any docker build that supports arm on docker hub - foundationdb/foundationdb-kubernetes-sidecar.

I see a merged PR for arm64 support on linux - aarch64 Linux port by kaomakino · Pull Request #2961 · apple/foundationdb · GitHub

Not sure what is the issue if the support is there from foundationdb side, can you please help me fix the issue.


We do not produce binaries for arm64 on linux at this time. The docker images only support x86_64. If you want an arm64 linux image you’d need to build the binaries, and the images from source.

The code “should” work, but it is not a formally tested configuration.