FDB debug builds do not work

I am not sure whether the FDB build system supports debug builds. However, our cmake build does.

When we build in debug mode, some tests fail with assertion-errors. Simply rebuilding in release mode makes the errors go away. The errors are different depending on the seeds - however, they almost always are somewhere in TLog-related. Is this a known issue?

I’ll assume by “debug mode”, mean NDEBUG is not defined, and you would be correct. -DNDEBUG=1 is in our CFLAGS by default, and I doubt anyone ever edits it out. I’ve confirmed that removing -DNDEBUG=1 from CFLAGS turns into a crashes quickly. I filed an issue to track this.

Haha, good to know. I just spent a week on debugging an issue that I thought my code change introduced - until I asked a colleague to look into it. He then couldn’t reproduce because he used a release build.