FDB throws "The last backup happened in the future" when a backup is triggered from a different timezone

The error output is:

2020/12/10 07:58:01 ERROR: The last backup `2020-12-10-12-33-01.722470' happened in the future.
ERROR: An error was encountered during submission
Fatal Error: Backup error

The code here seems to be the offending part - https://github.com/apple/foundationdb/blob/6.2.19/fdbclient/FileBackupAgent.actor.cpp#L3600

Am I correct in my understanding that the lastBackupTimestamp is being stored without any timezone info, hence causing this bug?

That seems like the likely case to me. You’re welcome to file an issue or PR for it. :slight_smile:

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Added an issue here - https://github.com/apple/foundationdb/issues/4168

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