Fdbbackup describe --version_timestamp what to expect from the output?

I tried to run the fdbbackup describe --version_timestamp on a continuous backup env. using default interval setting and have data written to the DB periodically.
What I see in the output is similar to this:
fdbbackup describe -d file:///var/backup_vol/backup-2022-02-18-16-14-57.105554 -C /var/fdb/fdb.cluster --version_timestamps
URL: file:///var/backup_vol/backup-2022-02-18-16-14-57.105554
Restorable: true
Snapshot: startVersion=79299111275 (2022/02/18.02:12:33+0000) endVersion=79299111275 (2022/02/18.02:12:33+0000) totalBytes=13 restorable=true expiredPct=0.00
SnapshotBytes: 13
MinLogBeginVersion: 79299054789 (2022/02/18.02:12:33+0000)
ContiguousLogEndVersion: 79619054789 (2022/02/18.02:17:52+0000)
MaxLogEndVersion: 79619054789 (2022/02/18.02:17:52+0000)
MinRestorableVersion: 79299111275 (2022/02/18.02:12:33+0000)
MaxRestorableVersion: 79619054788 (2022/02/18.02:17:52+0000)

So, what I am expecting is a list of restorable version of various timestamp?
I have read else where that there is a lot of internal version that probably will not be printed, then what is the --version_timestamp output suppose to mean?