FDB TLS Plugin for Centos

Is the FDBTLS plugin packaged as part of the download? I’m looking for the FDB TLS plugin for centos and don’t see it installed as part of the RPM package. I tried building from code using the steps provided on github but the build keeps failing due to missing dependencies.

It isn’t and as of 6.0, it was just built into fdbserver by default, and there’s no more plugin.

Hm. I’m able to build the TLS plugin within the provided Dockerfile just fine. What sort of errors are you hitting?

The current version available for download is 5.2.5, right? Is 6.0 slated for sometime in the near future?

When I used the docker container and ran make, I was getting errors related to dmcs (which I fixed) and then other errors related to boost, clang++, etc…

5.2.5 is our most recent stable release. 6.0 hasn’t been officially blessed as fully QA’d and published as the new version to download, but has been cut, which you can see on Releases · apple/foundationdb · GitHub

Can you paste any logs from this, or instructions to reproduce? I’m also confused, as I believe we use clang only on OSX, but the docker image would be linux…?

EDIT: I rebuilt a new docker image, ran docker run -it -v '/home/parallels/apple/foundationdb:/opt/foundationdb' d40b3cd75c5d /bin/bash ; cd /opt/foundationdb ; make -j4 and everything appears to be building okay?

I pulled down release-5.2 branch and rebuilt the docker image. I was able successfully build now. After the build, I see this library (libFDBLibTLS.a) under libs directory. Do I need to convert this file into .so and place it in /usr/lib/foundationdb/plugins/ for setting up the TLS library?

Thanks for your help!

There should be a bin/fdb-libretls-plugin.so that is the TLS plugin.

If you’re seeing a .a file, that makes me suspicious that you’re somehow not on release-5.2, as that would be the static form of the library used to compile the TLS plugin into the main fdbserver.

The bin folder doesn’t have a fdb-libretls-plugin.so file. My git branch is pointed to release-5.2. So, I’m not sure what is wrong with my setup. Is there any other way I can download this file from somewhere?

There’s either one of two things going on:

  1. Run make all in case what you ran didn’t actually cause the TLS plugin to be built.

  2. You’re checked out to something that includes commit f8ce1de6, and therefore TLS is just built into the fdbserver.

We didn’t go through and do the work of integrating the TLS plugin into the rest of the artifacts that get uploaded and published because it was going away shortly thereafter, so there is no official download for it.

make all did the trick…thank you!