Fdbrestore: Missing backup data

Trying to restore backup which was made on 6.0.18
My version is 6.1.8

The error is:

Tag: default  UID: a713aaec9e048425744647084b843be5  State: starting  Blocks: 0/0  BlocksInProgress: 0  Files: 0  BytesWritten
: 0  ApplyVersionLag: 0  LastError: ''Missing backup data' on 'restore_start'' 12s ago.

I am performing:

fdbrestore start -r file:///home/$USER/fdb.backup/backup-2019-07-06-22-08-23.328692 --dest_cluster_file ./fdb.cluster -w

what am I doing wrong, or should I have the same version of FoundationDB with which the backup was performed?

After updating source db I still have same error, even when both versions are 6.1.8.
The only difference is the replication factor, how am I supposed to move data from one db to another if replication factors a different?

by the way, when I trying to import data via disaster recovery I got:

fdbdr status
SIGNAL: Segmentation fault (11)
Trace: addr2line -e fdbdr.debug -p -C -f -i 0x9d2de5 0x7faf1b8d60e0 0x5a81cf 0x5ac04d 0x478fd0 0x535b7b 0x82df48 0x6209c0 0x75fe33 0x76017b 0x74b248 0x74b54d 0x7e52f0 0x752129 0x7e52f0 0x791ec7 0x792010 0x76bfd0 0x777445 0x77bdd8 0x77bfdd 0x797dc0 0x71f018 0x927495 0x927819 0x478f40 0xa19e8a 0x74046e 0x423c15 0x7faf1b03a2e1


fdbdr start -d ./fdb.cluster  -s /etc/foundationdb/fdb.cluster

corresponding issue:

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