Fdbrestore - just stuck

Hi All,

I run backup_agent and fdbrestore tools and restoring just does not happen. Prints are frozen after the line Restoring backup to version: 49058127610718 by some reason for an infinite time.

It runs in docker in k8s.

What is the possible reason?

Thank you very much.

oot@e35ab4b3d670:/tmp/restore_tool# backup_agent -C /tmp/restore_tool/fdb.cluster &
[1] 37
root@e35ab4b3d670:/tmp/restore_tool# fdbrestore start -r file:///tmp/fdb_backup/us-east-1-2021-10-15_10.01.58_6.3.13/backup-2021-10-15-10-00-31.618701 --dest_cluster_file /tmp/restore_tool/fdb.cluster -w
No restore target version given, will use maximum restorable version from backup description.
Using target restore version 49058127610718
Backup Description
URL: file:///tmp/fdb_backup/us-east-1-2021-10-15_10.01.58_6.3.13/backup-2021-10-15-10-00-31.618701
Restorable: true
Partitioned logs: false
Snapshot:  startVersion=49058056106478 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)  endVersion=49058107610718 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)  totalBytes=5198756897  restorable=true  expiredPct=0.00
SnapshotBytes: 5198756897
MinLogBeginVersion:      49058055986027 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)
ContiguousLogEndVersion: 49058127610719 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)
MaxLogEndVersion:        49058127610719 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)
MinRestorableVersion:    49058107610718 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)
MaxRestorableVersion:    49058127610718 (maxLogEnd -0.00 days)
Restoring backup to version: 49058127610718

------------- nothing printed ---------------------------------------