Feature request: hostnames for coordinators


are there any plans to additionally support hostnames for coordinator configuration ?
Imho this would make setup ( e.g. for Kubernetes ) easier.

What are your thoughts?

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A cautionary note: all the fault-tolerance in the world won’t help you if your database grows a dependency on an external system (DNS) that can be down or otherwise unreachable.

I’m not saying it’s always a bad idea, but think carefully about what kind of SLO you’re aiming for, and how deliberately coupling things such that a failure in an unrelated system can bring FDB down could impact that.


I’d be very interested in this too. I’ve run in to similar issues deploying FDB into docker / kubernetes.

wwilson - Good flag. You can (and should) run multiple DNS servers to achieve HA. This is trivial when running in kubernetes (just set the number of desired replications for the DNS server).

This would be really great to have.