FoundationDB as Storage Backend for JanusGraph: still feasible and advisable ?

I’m interested to know the state of the JanusGraph-FoundationDB Storage Adapter:

4 years ago it was announced : The JanusGraph FoundationDB Storage Adapter - Ted Wilmes, Expero Inc. - YouTube

and, according to the README : GitHub - JanusGraph/janusgraph-foundationdb: FoundationDB storage adapter for JanusGraph the storage adapter is compatible only for the JanusGraph version 0.5.2 with FoundationDB version 6.2.22, while the latest JanusGraph version is 0.6.3 and the latest FoundationDB version is 7.2 (FoundationDB 7.2 — FoundationDB 7.2 )

Since I don’ see FoundationDB listed in storage backends

and there is no official JanusGraph documentation about FoundationDB as Backend Storage,

I would like to know if it is still feasible, and, more importantly, advisable, use FoundationDB as storage backend for JanusGraph

You’re welcome to check out the talk from the 2019 FoundationDB Summit on this too: FoundationDB Summit 2019: NuGraph: GraphDB as a Cloud Service Built Upon JanusGraph and FoundationDB .

For “advisable”, especially, I think @jltz would probably have the best opinion out of anyone :slight_smile: