Queries on foundation db usage patterns

Background: We are trying to use foundation db via janusgraph adaptor. We want to have a clarification on whether or not our usecase will work on foundation db. Can you please help us clarify?

  1. Our queries are long running queries as we detect patterns and likely to take 5-10 mins. Is there any way to by-pass the 5 sec timeout for such queries. Reference post Layer for read-write transactions lasting longer than 5 seconds
  2. Graph stores vertices as objects (rows) and edges as properties (columns) in Hbase. We believe that will translate to large vertex object in foundation db. We are able to scan through all vertices by using boundaryKeys(). but if the graph has vertices with more edges (say 10,000) or more, then same code which worked before (scan through all vertices) is now giving “Transaction is too old to perform reads or be committed”. Is there a work around?
  3. Index: Often we land up in creating new index post the data is loaded. Is there a way to run index on large database (in foundation db) without getting into transaction old / time out error?

Thanks In Advance

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