FoundationDB fdbbackup


I am new to foundationdb. I am trying to run the fdbbackup command line tool to back up to aws S3.

I am using the following command:

fdbbackup start -d blobstore://<api_key><aws_s3_bucket_name>.

I get the following error:
ERROR: Could not create backup container: Operation timed out

ERROR: An error was encountered during submission.

I have a few of questions:

  1. Is the blobstore URL I have provided have the correct URL format?

  2. I am not sure what the error is and where can I lookup any specific logs pertaining to the error. I lookuped up under /etc/foundationdb/logs - the path specified in the foundationdb.conf but could not figure out.

  3. We are using IAM roll based buckets in S3 so as long as the fdb instance has the right bucket policy we don’t need to specify the <api_key>: in the command above. Is there a way around that?


First, try adding --log, like fdbbackup start --log -d blobstore://<api_key><aws_s3_bucket_name>. You can read through the .xml file to find out exactly what’s going wrong.

In our case, there was a TLS issue and so we prefixed fdbbackup and backup_agent with FDB_TLS_VERIFY_PEERS=Check.Valid=0 FDB_TLS_CERTIFICATE_FILE="/etc/foundationdb/fdb.pem" FDB_TLS_KEY_FILE="/etc/foundationdb/private.key" FDB_TLS_CA_FILE="/etc/foundationdb/cert.crt". More information on that here.

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