Authentication needed to Backup on S3

I am using following command to take backup on S3 bucket. Because we use IAM role/Profile assigned to EC2 server using STS assume policy I have to use the temp token too .

fdbbackup start -d “blobstore:// name” .

I am getting following error when i run the above command :-
ERROR: Could not create backup container: Operation timed out
ERROR: An error was encountered during submission
Fatal Error: Backup error

When i ran regular AWS command after setting these ENV variables it does copy the file to the bucket so accesss key/password/token is not an issue for sure.
aws s3 cp test.txt s3://

So is the URL need to be different in the fdbbackup command. Can someone help here ?

I found the solution in one of the post …so i ran the following and it ran fine

“blobstore:// name&sc=0" .

If using sc=0 will compromise the security of the backup data (our bucket dont have public access and proper role/bucket policy /acl is in place ) ? What I will need to do to use sc=1 to be successfully which is default ?