FoundationDB Vagrant File

Hi all, not really sure if this is the right place to put this. It’s not a question, really.

I kind of love Vagrant because I have to switch around a lot from Mac to Windows. So I really like to have reliable dev environments. so, Vagrant.

Anyway, if it’s at all useful for people getting started using FDB or making stuff on top of FDB, and you like your dev environment to be destroyable, this is what I’ve made for a few projects:


Just FYI, I made this more useful today. The repo now includes FoundationDB as a git submodule, and the ansible provisioner installs Docker, builds the image, and aliases the docker run command to fdbd. So this creates a virtual machine that gives you the whole dev environment package: both for working on projects that build on top of FDB and working on FDB itself.

All of this is linked and synced back to your local machine, so you can dev with the tools you know and love, while having a stable, reliable build machine in the next terminal tab over.

Hope this helps some people who are having trouble making/building from source on their local machines.

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