Has Snowflake privately forked FoundationDB?

No commit to the main repo in many months from any Snowflake developer, yet so many to a private repos.

Some clarity here with the community would be much appreciated!



It may be related to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQsf-Nnx-RM
Snowflake could maked some changes, that they don’t want make public.

Thanks for sharing this link.

Snowflake FDB Developers are very active in our community, extremely supportive and welcoming. Same is true with Apple FDB / Record Layer developers. I recall all the help they patiently provided me initially when I was getting started with FDB. One of Snowflake Developers even presented the work they did around encryption at the recent FDB Meetup.

I think it is just commercial priorities of having to launch a HTAP service, that might have caused them to focus on their internal build. There is a fair bit of competition in this space.

Snowflake has contributed Redwood Storage Engine and it is marked as stable. We will be able to use it as and when 7.3 release is available.

PS: I am not affiliated with Snowflake or Apple. I am just a community member, who is working with FDB and Rust.

I’m agree some of features from this video are published. I think after some times all of that will be published too.

FDB is important part of service, but most valuable part are placed in application layer.

PS: thanx for your Rust library, we are using Rust + FDB too.