Help needed: M1 support for the NodeJS bindings

Someone recently opened an issue on github for the nodejs bindings complaining about the lack of apple M1 support for the nodejs foundationdb module.

This should be reasonably easy to fix - there’s nothing intel specific about the nodejs foundationdb bindings. But I don’t have an M1 machine, so I’m not sure what changes are required to make it work. (And if I did guess, I have no ability to test the build).

Does anyone have an M1 and some time to experiment with the compilation settings? We do prebuilt binaries for x86 and eventually it’d be nice to get that working for the M1 too, but at this point I’d be happy if the module can just compile. And the change might be as simple as tweaking a few compilation flags in bindings.gyp.


Oh it looks like this will be stalled on getting native M1 support in foundationdb proper, and thus in libfdb_c.

Interestingly, I can cross compile the native node module just fine. I just don’t think the arm code can be executed without a native arm build of libfdb_c.